IN RESPONSE to Mr Johnston’s claim about last year’s pedestrianisation on the harbourside being a success, I say it was indeed a success - for about five pubs and cafés along the quay and a few local off licences and those who used them.

But as someone who deals with harbour users on a daily basis I can tell you that Weymouth’s fishing community didn’t believe that having their boats smashed, urinated on, entered, and covered in cans and plastic cups was a success.

They already do a hard and difficult job and had little in the way of support during the lockdown.

Also marine-based stores along the quay had a terrible year with many of their customers not coming and believing the area was shut completely due to the scheme’s ugly layout.

It was a success for some and a disaster for others. Let’s see what this year may bring but Mr Johnston is more than welcome to come and meet some local harbour users to hear their experience of last year’s scheme.

Cllr Louie O’Leary