I AM writing to say I am very concerned that excessive amounts of property building is being recommended on green field sites in Dorset, especially the suggestion that around 3,500 houses should be built to the north of Dorchester on such sites.

Also 700 or so houses at Vearse Farm on the edge of Bridport.

Whilst I appreciate there is a need for more housing, I think that the building of properties on green field sites should be definitely rethought.

Once our agricultural land is lost under concrete there is no way we will be able to retrieve it. It is ESSENTIAL we do not lose such land as it is necessary to maintain the ability to grow as much food as possible in this country.

As we are constantly being told we should reduce food miles, farmers should be helped and encouraged to produce more crops to feed us.

As a result of the pandemic and the progress of modern technology, people are rethinking how they live their lives. This involves how they now shop and how they work. Already many of the High Street shops are closed as a result of more people buying online. Also many more people are working from home. So, many of the shops in the High Street could be converted to homes of one kind or another. Possibly making it easier for first time buyers as well.

We should also be looking at what brown field sites are available for re-use.

It has also become more appreciated how peoples' mental and physical wellbeing is improved by being able to get out into the countryside.

A lot of our lovely Dorset villages have the potential for increasing the number of properties required by a small amount each, plus encouraging more use of village amenities.

As Dorset has some of the most beautiful countryside in the country, this makes it a very popular holiday destination and brings a lot of revenue in. Also, our towns like Dorchester and Bridport are loved because they are not over large but provide lots of interest. Adding huge housing estates, under whatever guise they are being presented, will destroy what makes this area special.

It is quite obvious from all the concerns against these developments, that it is about time that these Local Plans were reconsidered and if Government is sticking its oar in regarding the numbers of properties that should be built in our county then I am sure our local MPs will be able to present a strong reason for rethinking how this can be achieved with out destroying what we all hold dear.

Carol A. Hall

Loders Cross