About 17 years ago a lady from Dorchester, took on one of the Panels for ‘The Embroidery of the Century’.

This is a huge project with each panel telling the history of each year of the last century.

She lived in the Broadmayne area and had a group of eight embroiderers to work on the panel which was for the year 1915.

During the first couple of years she did get in contact with me reporting the progress and stating she did get help for the threads from Herrings of Dorchester.

As there are 100 panels for me to write about and contact, I lost touch with her although I do write to all groups stating the progress of the project.

I now have all the panels covered and nearly all have been completed . But I cannot get in touch with this person, sending to her address as well as telephoning.

I really do need this panel back as I have very little fabric to make another. Also of course some of the people who did some of the embroidery will want to see their work displayed.

Please can any person with knowledge of this panel get in touch with me.

I do not want to start another 1915 panel unless I really have to.

The panel has a website ‘Embroidery of the Century’ War Child Charity.