Your letter pages have shown the concerns many people have about the proposal by Dorset Council in their draft Local Plan to supply over 39,000 new houses to comply with central housing targets, which are based on a central algorithm.

These targets don’t take account of the needs of our communities. This need not be the case.

If Dorset had a National Park, the Dorset Council and the National Park could work with our communities to assess the numbers of houses Dorset needs for its communities and the economy.

The revised housing numbers would apply to the whole of the Dorset Council area.

The Dorset Council and National Park could then together plan and consult on this basis.

This local partnership approach is what national planning law allows, where a Council area has a National Park.

The Government knows the benefits and opportunities that National Parks bring, and has committed to establish new ones in England.

The sooner we have a Dorset National Park, the sooner we can enjoy the benefits, leave behind the central algorithm and have a partnership Local Plan that meets what our communities, businesses and environment need!


Langton Matravers