RE: Dorset Council tip runs.

I am currently trying to reconcile the word ‘frivolous’ with the phrase ‘tip runs’. Things I would consider frivolous include: - composing romantic poetry to my beloved - lying on the grass looking at clouds.

Queuing with a lot of intemperate residents to dispose of my rubbish under the steely gaze of the recycling centre’s employees, ever watchful for any infraction I may have inadvertently committed, is about as far removed from frivolous as I can imagine.

I suppose we could all start having bonfires in our gardens instead to dispose of our waste... until the next article from some local official telling us not to.

All joking aside, we are constantly being bombarded with public health messages telling us to keep fit and active in lockdown by doing such activities as gardening; we are now being told not to.

Am I the only one finding this messaging slightly disjointed?


Burton Bradstock