A TREMOR shook the ground after a loud bang was heard in Dorset.

Residents from areas across the county reported a tremor similar to an 'earthquake'.

Speculation has been mounting that a meteor could be the cause after a resident in Jersey captured dashcam footage.

One resident, Tracy Porter, said: "Many in Weymouth, Bridport, Yeovil are reporting houses shaking and a loud bang."

Another resident said: "Some time after 3pm today (Saturday) I heard what I believed was thunder.

"However it was one rumble so I didn't pay any further attention. Then I did what most millennials do and picked up my smart phone and scrolled mindlessly through Facebook.

"I was surprised to see that friends had posted about this noise. I was in Frampton but I could see it was heard in Sherbourne, Portland, Dorchester and Crossways. Theories flowed, Could it be a sonic boom?"

The Ministry of Defence quashed rumours that RAF planes caused the boom.

This evening, a resident in Jersey reported seeing a meteor, leading to widespread speculation on social media that this was the cause.

What are your thoughts? Did you capture the 'boom' on video today?

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