I write regarding your article in Dorset Echo (Sat 21/03/2021) ‘Plans announced to tackle crowds’ by Dorset Council.

It’s not quite April 1st but it might as well be.

They state eight plans, none of which are workable, one of which is; ‘More litter bins and waste collections’. What a joke!

Absolutely nothing has been done to clear the litter alongside our roadside verges since the influx of visitors after the lock down finished last year - what a disgrace.

I’m not talking about the occasional half-hearted attempt, what’s needed is an onslaught with organised gangs on a permanent basis, after all we pay more than enough in Council Tax.

Dorset is supposed to be an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty so let’s try to keep it so.

Litter attracts litter, yes, there will always be the ‘brain-dead’ few who will throw litter from vehicle-windows as well as flytippers but much more can be done.

Come on Dorset Council, earn your fat wages and pension payouts; it’s not too difficult to organize putting a can or plastic bottle in a bag - give it a try yourselves sometime!