Yesterday I drove from Weymouth to Dorchester over the Ridgeway.

Having negotiated the last roundabout before ascending the hill to the top there were an abundance of temporary 30 limit signs warning of a workforce in the road who were I think litter picking.

Everyone seemed to take notice and there was a procession of cars all doing about 30mph.

There were plenty of signs all the way up the slope and nearer the top was a sign warning of speed cameras.

No one tried to overtake and there was a neat procession of cars all doing a fraction over 30 mph.

On the steepest section of the hill the signs all disappeared.

Cars continued at 30mph or just above and the orderly procession continued to the top of the hill.

I was looking hard for the black line on a white circle which would indicate end of speed restriction.

There wasn’t one.

So technically it was still 30mph all the way into Dorchester!

Amazingly no one attempted to overtake and the orderly procession of 30 to 35mph cars continued all the way to Dorchester Football Ground Roundabout where a different speed limit comes into force.

Someone needs to be taken to task over this obvious slip up.

I have to go over the Ridgeway again tomorrow I wonder whether it will be the same?

There were no workmen to be seen anywhere.