THE CARE that hospital matron Minnie Klepacz has shown in ensuring her staff are as safe as they can be at work is deserving of an award, according to her husband in putting her forward for the Dorset Hero Awards 2021.

Felipe Klepacz said: “I believe that my beautiful wife, Minnie, deserves the Dorset Hero Award in the Medical category, for her ongoing work and support during the Covid 19 pandemic.”

Minnie, who received a British Empire Medal last year for her services during crisis, is Matron for Ophthalmology at UHD Bournemouth.

Felipe said she “has worked tirelessly for the last year making sure that all her staff have been safely risk assessed and provided with appropriate levels of PPE or shielding.

“She is also a head member of the UHD trust BAME (Black, Asian, Minority and Ethnic) network, and has been instrumental in setting up appropriate risk assessments of all staff across the trust and especially BAME staff.”

The principal sponsor of the awards is Talbot Village Trust. All those who nominate a candidate also stand a chance of winning a £100 shopping voucher prize. Click here for details.

Rosemarie Cale has nominated the whole of the refuse collectors in her part of the world in Weymouth for the service they have given over the past year.

Rosemarie, who lives at Weyview Crescent, said: “Throughout the whole of the pandemic these heroes have worked tirelessly collecting our rubbish and food waste.

“They are all so caring and although we see them only on one day of the week, we always get a smile and a wave. Being of the older generation and self-isolating, this has been much appreciated. Thank you our heroes.

Rob Franks, from Poole, has been nominated for the best fundraiser award. However, James Cricket who put Rob’s name forward explained he did much more than just raise funds. “Rob is an amputee and has tirelessly been campaigning to find as many laptops as possible to give to disadvanged children in the local area.

“He managed to get over 460 laptops and refurbished everyone himself and also raised over £10k to buy another 200 laptops.”

James said Rob hand distributed every laptop himself. “He has significant health issues being an amputee but just took the bull by the horns so to speak and got on with it. Because of him many children were able to learn at home during lockdown.”

He was also nominated by James Shawgrass, who said: “A lot of the children he gave to are very disadvantaged and from vulnerable families.”

Lindsay Beale from Dorchester was another candidate put forward as an unsung hero for the free online workout that she provided.

Sharon Pugh said: “Throughout this pandemic Lindsay has remained cheerful, encouraging and supportive in motivating us to eat well, move more and sleep soundly. David Lester regularly joins her and between them they demonstrate alternative moves if the exercise is too difficult.

“Together they make you laugh and cry as you push yourself to complete a workout. Recently Lindsay posts daily with tips on how to improve physical, emotional and mental health happiness. Lindsay Beale's workouts have been one of the good things to come out of living through several national lockdowns and I can't thank her enough.”