I have just received Dorset Council’s latest statement of my Council Tax bill for the period 1/4/21 until 31/3/22.

The notice kindly informs me that “No further action is required by you”. If only!

No further action is expected of me other than to cough up another £128.42 and I have no right of appeal.

How can my modest 3 bedroom abode be liable for almost £2,900 in Council Tax?

What extras will I get for the extra contribution?

I get my dustbins emptied fortnightly for general rubbish and fortnightly for recyclable items.

My street lights are shut off for the majority of the night and I am now being asked not to go to the recycling centre for frivolous reasons.

Please don’t tell me about the alleged millions of £s that the council has lost in parking charges due to the Covid lockdowns.

They haven’t lost it because they never had it in the first place.

The council’s answer to this shortfall is a 400% - yes you read that correctly, - 400% increase in the all day parking charge.

A more efficient deterrent to anybody wishing to visit our area to boost the local businesses and producers is hard to imagine.

Never mind.

We’ve just received new metal signs on the old railway path between Meadowlands and West Bay telling us that the path is now shared between cyclists and pedestrians.

I thought it always was, common sense being the common denominator.

In my opinion this council is a disgrace.