I see that Chris Loder is against the idea of a Dorset National Park.

Sadly, I believe our MP has misunderstood in a fundamental way what national parks are all about.

A Dorset National Park, with its duty to care for our unique environment and heritage, promote health and wellbeing, and foster the economic and social wellbeing of communities, would partner not compete with the Dorset Council.

It would bring additional resources and expertise, helping to secure a thriving, sustainable future for Dorset’s communities and economy; caring for Dorset’s environment and heritage; improving health & wellbeing; and helping us all to address the climate and ecological emergencies.

National Parks are core funded by the central government and so are not a charge on residents or businesses.

Critically National Parks are under a legal duty to respond proactively to local housing need.

A Dorset National Park would help meet communities’ housing needs, including for the truly affordable homes that local people including young families need.

So, a National Park would help achieve the right development in the right places, where it is needed. Dorset CPRE wants to see as much as possible of rural Dorset included in the National Park.

At the end of the day, it is all about our future and that of future generations prospering in our beautiful county, which has inspired so many.

This is the vision I want for Dorset.