AN ‘intoxicated’ Weymouth man armed with a hammer was ‘banging on doors looking for someone’ in a distressed state, a court heard.

Adrian Sweet, aged 49, was reported to police after he was seen outside a property on South Street, Bridport at 8.45pm on Wednesday, October 14, 2020.

Prosecuting, Andrew Newman, told Weymouth Magistrates Court how Sweet wielded a lump hammer inside a plastic bag and was also in possession of a black handled knife.

He said: “On October 14, 2020 at 8.45pm, officers on duty were called to an incident in Bridport.

“There was a phone call to the police that he was banging on doors looking for someone. He was quite intoxicated and topless.”

Dorset Echo: Sweet apologised for his actions following the incidentSweet apologised for his actions following the incident

Referring to a police officer’s statement, Mr Newman said: “I noticed a man holding an unknown object covered with white plastic bag and I shouted get back – we took the object and discovered it was a lump hammer.

“Whilst he was being searched, a black knife was found. He was aggravated and began to swear and hadn’t slept for a number of days hence his erratic state.

“He also said he had something to drink.”

Sweet, of The Riviera Hotel in Weymouth, pleaded guilty to possession of an offensive weapon in a public place as well as possess a knife in a public place.

Mitigating, Ian Brazier, told the court how he first knew Sweet from as early as 1994 when Mr Brazier first moved to Bridport.

Dorset Echo: South Street, Bridport. Picture: GoogleSouth Street, Bridport. Picture: Google

He explained that Sweet had ‘family difficulties’ over the years and was abused as a child, leading to a ‘long history’ of mental health issues and struggles with ADHD.

Mr Brazier said: “He is a man who has been quite ill. He has had testicular cancer and a stomach cancer which he has been dealing with as well as whether he will have a home.

“At the time of this offence, he was homeless and in a low state. He doesn’t remember much about the incident, he was drinking but had something on his mind and was in a confused state.

“He has since resolved the issue at hand.”

Brazier noted Sweet has since engaged with support and worked with the Lantern Trust to provide him accommodation as well as find him employment.

Chair of Magistrates, Mr Stephen Corben, said: “We have listened to everything that has been said including your mental history and we are very pleased to hear you have accommodation.”

The case was adjourned until Thursday, April 29 in order for a pre-sentence report to be completed as well as for Sweet to meet with a probation officer.

Sweet was released on conditional bail, with the condition he does not visit the property on South Street, Bridport.

Following Mr Corben’s conclusion, Sweet told Mr Corben that the dispute on October 14 had been resolved.