ONE patient with coronavirus has died at a Dorset hospital, according to latest figures.

NHS England has reported that one new Covid-19 death has been reported within the University Hospitals Dorset Trust in the latest 24-hour period, which is between 4pm on Thursday, April 1 and 4pm on Friday, April 2.

According to NHS England's data, the newly reported death occurred on Saturday, March 27.

Figures show 732 people have now died from coronavirus at University Hospitals Dorset Trust, Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has recorded 111 Covid-19 deaths and 73 patients with coronavirus have died within the Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust.

Daily death counts are revised each day, with each case backdated to the actual date of death.

This means some of the deaths that were first recorded in the latest period may actually have taken place days earlier.

NHS England guidance states: "Confirmation of Covid-19 diagnosis, death notification and reporting in central figures can take up to several days and the hospitals providing the data are under significant operational pressure."

Only deaths that occur in hospitals where the patient has tested positive for Covid-19 are recorded, with deaths in the community excluded, such as those in care homes.