Mr Duke, on behalf of the Dorchester Conservatives, raises some excellent points in his letter concerning South Walks House.

A modern, well run Business Hub, responding to the post Covid landscape, would add much needed vibrancy to the town centre. Dorchester is crying out for modern space that can incubate new business, and modern Business Hubs have thrived in similar sized towns.

The expensive and challenging conversion of this modern, purpose built, office building into flats defies common-sense when there is already an oversupply of high-end apartments in the town. The difficulty of conversion will be reflected in the price paid to Dorset Council, in a sad repeat of the sale and giveaway price paid for the High West Street council offices.

Conversely, it would only need a very light touch to change the building into a Business Hub. The building could incorporate shared business space on the upper floors for new and young businesses along with conference facilities on the ground floor.

Dorchester didn’t want this very dominant, expensive, building in the first place, but now it’s here, let’s make sure it plays a meaningful role in the life of the town.

Julian Hancock

High East Street