COMMUNITY leaders are set to hold a protest this morning in opposition to permanent barriers being placed along Weymouth's harbour front.

It is being held at 10am on Custom House Quay.

It comes after the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) advised Dorset Council (DC) to put a 250-metre long safety barrier in place along Custom House Quay.

However, the decision has sparked controversy with community leaders and Weymouth Town Council after the DC failed to consult or inform the local authority and members of the public about the implementation of the safety measure.

In response, a petition was launched opposing the plans for the safety barriers, and to reverse the decision.

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Melcombe Community Group leader Dave Burchill said: "The main issue is a complete lack of consultation from Dorset Council.

"We don't want to make the protest a big deal, especially with the issues surrounding social distancing and Covid-19. We just want to show we're against the railings and the fact there's been no opportunity to discuss it."