I AM writing to you as leader of Weymouth Town Council in response to your article about the railings being erected on the wall along Custom House Quay.

Unfortunately Dorset Council did not have the courtesy to let us know they were making this decision and so we are unable to help our residents understand the reasoning behind this decision when they get in touch with us, which of course they do.

I believe that they also failed to inform the majority of their own councillors who represent Weymouth, which is a problem caused by the cabinet system used by Dorset Council.

The conurbation south of the Ridgeway, (Weymouth, Portland and Chickerell) have 20% of the population of Dorset, yet we only have one of the seventeen councillors responsible for the decision making on Dorset Council because of this system.

It appears the Health and Safety Executive may have requested safety measures to be taken alongside the harbour but even so I believe that discussions should have taken place with the Town Council to find the best solution, or allow us to be able to explain the reasoning to our residents.

Weymouth Town council wants to work closely with DC in the best interests of our residents, but unfortunately this is not always reciprocated.

Cllr David Harris