A PROTEST has been held today in opposition to barriers being built on Weymouth harbour wall.

A group of residents, business owners and community leaders turned out to voice their anger over the plan, after Dorset Council announced last week that railings are to be built amid safety concerns.

Dorset Echo:

Dorset Council was due to start building the barrier today, but, following widespread anger over the plan, it is understood that work has been put on hold for 72 hours while talks take place between the council and harbour master.

This morning's protest was organised by Melcombe Community Group leaders Dave Burchill and Genny Burchill.

Genny Burchill said: "The lack of democracy is appalling. Dorset Council made the announcement the day before a bank holiday - so offices have been closed and there has been no opportunity to talk to anyone or for people to have a say.

" Even our own (Weymouth) town councillors knew nothing about it until they found out through the Echo."

Dorset Echo:

Peter Healey, owner of Driftwood B&B said: "The harbour is one of Weymouth's most precious assets - in the summer the wall is packed with families - many of whom live locally and do not have outdoor space at their homes.

"In the worst case scenario, if a barrier must be built it should be done in a way that still allows people to sit on the wall."

A full report will be published in tomorrow's Echo.

Dorset Council has been contacted for a response.