Many people have been outraged to learn of a decision which the general public appear to have no knowledge of but which is to be put into place this week and will have a major impact on freedom of movement.

How have these railings on the harbour been sneaked in without public consultation?

Why are they mostly being placed where establishments can have outside seating areas and is it to stop free public access to any area within the harbour wall area of the allocated areas.

What is the main explanation as to why these railings apparently going to be fitted on the roadside of the wall rather than the seaward side and why fit them on the highest part of the wall.

Will the public still have access to the wall opposite establishments such as the George and the Ship or will their tables be placed right against the wall and if so how is this right in a public right of way?

If so was this made clear in the consultation that went out a few months ago about the harbourside and was the public view taken into account or ignored as is usually the case?