As the third Covid lockdown eases in Weymouth and the UK this month after a long 97 days, often coinciding with dark cold miserable Dorset winter weather and gale force winds for a week in February, staying positive for the past 12 months has not been easy.

When the first cases of the unknown coronavirus arrived in February/March 2020, predictably initial action and decision-making by the government and the NHS was slow and confused, as confirmed by Jenny Harries, deputy chief medical officer for England, who said “Face masks are not a good idea...”

With early rules and conditions constantly changing by the minute, eventually a massive health-warning advertising campaign was launched - fullpage press advertisements supported by radio and TV commercials bombarded us on a non-stop daily basis - “Stay home - Protect the NHS - Save lives”; “Hands, Face, Space”; Wash hands; Wear a face mask; Follow social distancing; Use the hand sanitizer...

In spite of these good intentions the UK would go on to record the highest death rate in Europe last year.

Three months into the pandemic, it also slowly became obvious that the above restrictions were in turn creating another situation of complex mental and physical health issues and emotional burden, including loneliness, divorce, domestic violence, increased alcohol consumption and unfortunately even suicide.

Many people in Weymouth, especially those who live alone will confirm that spending days without conversation or social and physical contact long-term can be quite damaging.

In addition, one can become aware and frustrated at the lack of self-motivation, together with feeling exhausted after a day of doing nothing.

There are unconfirmed reports that the pandemic has shortened our lives by one year.

On a positive side, with a frantic global pharmaceutical race to develop a Covid vaccine, we are lucky to enjoy a highly organised and successful vaccination programme.

Now, the way we live and work has been upended and disrupted for ever.

After many years of habitforming routine, we are now faced again with slowly commencing to rebuild and establish our daily lives, this time adapting to living with the coronavirus.

We all deserve some overdue Jurassic sunshine - Stay Safe, Wash hands...


Newstead Road, Weymouth