I take my hat off to Dorset Council, what a stroke of genius.

Put something up so ugly and totally out of place that people put their head in their hands and cry oh no!

So when they come back with something more pleasing on the eye people will forget that they never wanted the railings in the first place and say, well that is much better, thus getting what they wanted from the start.

Of course, granting credit for such deep thinking could be misplaced.

It might simply be that they hold Weymouth residents in such contempt that any bit of old iron will do, let’s hope that isn’t the case.

I would love to know how much influence the pubs etc. in the area had on the after thought of barriers.

Of course it might discourage the casual drinker and keep people in their cages outside their establishments. If so, I think you underestimate the English ‘drinker’ who will not be put off by a few bits of scaffolding, after all scaffolding is what you climb on, then you will have even more of a jump into the harbour.

If it really is a Health & Safety issue then why have they ignored so many other obvious dangers.

I’m sure we can all make our own long list.

Will somebody please bring back some common sense.