A SPEEDING driver caused a three-vehicle crash after he unsuccessfully attempted to overtake ‘slow’ traffic on a coastal Dorset route.

Cordin Simion, aged 29, was behind the wheel of a Mazda MX-5 travelling on the B3157 Bramdon Lane in Portesham near Weymouth on Saturday, September 19, 2020.

Prosecuting, Louise Meaker, told Weymouth Magistrates Court how Simion had travelled from Weymouth and attempted to overtake traffic. He entered the opposite side of the road - but when he saw a Peugeot travelling towards him, he unsuccessfully pulled back into the left lane and hit the oncoming Peugeot and a Honda.

Mrs Meaker said: “Simion has attempted to pull back and the rear offset and the Peugeot impacted, causing Simion’s vehicle to spin and hit another car.

“Simion told one of the drivers he was sorry and didn’t see her coming. Her car was written off in the crash.”

Mrs Meaker added the driving conditions were clear and dry and Simion’s vehicle had no defects.

She added: “It was his decision to overtake. He said they were going quite slow which is why he overtook them.”

Photos displayed at court showed Simion’s Madza lost a wheel and sustained other damage, while the other two cars were dented in the collision. Emergency services were also called.

Driver felt he was legally allowed to overtake traffic 

Dorset Echo: Weymouth Magistrates' Court. Picture: Michael TaylorWeymouth Magistrates' Court. Picture: Michael Taylor

Simion, of Back Lane, Chapel Allerton in Axbridge, pleaded guilty to driving a vehicle without due care and attention.

Appearing unrepresented, Simion told the Magistrates bench that he believed he was legally allowed to overtake traffic in front of him due to the road’s markings.

Simion said: “I would only like to point out that when I did the overtaking, the road legally allowed me to do that.

“I would also like to point out that the Mazda had a lower driving position.

“I have seen the roof of the Peugeot coming in front of me and I did all I could to avoid the impact.

“I would like to ask to take into consideration that I am dependent on my licence as I need to go to work at a care home.

“I have a duty of care for a number of people with my job.”

Driver admits speeding in court when attempting overtake

Chair of Magistrates, Robert Ford, asked how fast Simion was travelling, in which he replied: “I believe I was travelling at 70mph to safely overtake and not to stay on the wrong side of the road for too long.”

Mr Ford asked him: “You are aware that it’s a 50mph road?” to which Simion simply replied: “Yes.”

In his sentencing, Mr Ford criticised Simion’s driving style and warned him never to do it again.

Mr Ford said: “The reason we asked for excessive speed as this is something we consider when sentencing.

“The speed of the cars you overtook means that you sped over the limit. You also caused damage to two other cars.

“We have taken into account that you have been honest in court and shown remorse in what you did and therefore we will not disqualify you, but we will give you seven points.”

Along with the seven points on his driving licence, Simion was ordered to pay a £576 fine, £110 in court costs and £58 victim surcharge.