WEYMOUTH are actively engaging in player talks for the 2021/22 season, according to boss Brian Stock.

Last season, previous boss Mark Molesley had the majority of the club’s business done in the Spring.

And Stock is picking up the baton at a similar time as the Terras look to keep their core of star players.

However, the situation is delicate with seven players on furlough – although Weymouth did pay a small fee to bring in centre-back Ben Morgan from Gloucester City.

Asked if player talks for next season were active, Stock said: “Most definitely.

“We still want to keep players and they’ve got jobs.

“We’re openly talking to one or two currently at the club and we’ll just feed that down through the rest of the squad.

“Hopefully we can keep the players we want to keep. Finances are very limited.

“The biggest problem we’ll face is the off season and the pre-season.

“If we want to attract players that don’t necessarily have jobs, they’ll be earning no money throughout the summer.

“It’s something that we’re going to have to work hard as a club to almost put right.”

Stock insisted names of players at risk would remain under wraps.

He said: “I’ve identified who I’d like to keep as a priority. I’ve identified one or two that we may need to negotiate and one or two that it looks like it may be time up.

“Those names will remain confidential. If anyone was to find out first, it will be the player.”