David Cameron is quoted as having said in 2010 in the midst of an election campaign, that lobbying was “the next big scandal waiting to happen”.

In a speech entitled, “Rebuilding trust in politics”, he apparently said that “…secret lobbying (had) tainted our politics for too long” and that “the Conservatives would be the party that sorts all this out”.

Sheer hypocrisy!

Everywhere you look greed, corruption, cronyism and gross inequalities are taking their toll. Currencies came into being many years ago to facilitate economic growth and prosperity but has since metamorphosed into a monster of our own creation. It has turned vast numbers into ‘slaves’ just as effectively as when they were made to build pyramids.

Unfortunately, any trading profits went exclusively to the already well-off. They still do!

The overreaching and governing ‘law’ of the Universe is Equilibrium. Every ‘action’ will always be met by an equal and opposite ‘reaction’. Nature, by means of this rule achieves overall balance, come what may.

I wrote a book on the subject so please trust my research on the subject. Let me explain: If traffic moves at a constant speed, all is well.

Throw in a few ‘speedmerchants’ and chaos ensues. If an object is hot, it will lose heat to something which is cooler and vice versa.

By upsetting the balance of Nature here on Earth, we will inevitably pay a huge price since our once beautiful planet is already disappearing beneath a stinking mess of plastic and dying birds, animals and fish.

Ironically, global warming and most of our other problems could have been avoided if we had only behaved ourselves and stuck to the fundamental rule of Equilibrium.

As the saying goes, ‘money makes the world go round’. It allows us to trade and develop economically.

It’s comparable with the way blood circulates through our bodies bringing oxygen, energy and life to our extremities and fuelling our activities. Stopping the flow of cash throughout the world is as fatal to our social economies, health and prosperity as cutting off the supply of blood to our bodies.

The sickeningly hypocritical behaviour of politicians and their wilful neglect of their democratic obligations has led unerringly to the pursuit of power and wealth. Capitalism’s essential ‘blood flow’ has now been effectively ended by the ‘tourniquet’ of tax havens, property ownership, billionaires and cryptocurrencies.