WEYMOUTH midfielder Jake McCarthy is relishing the extra workload at the Terras.

McCarthy has played 34 times for Weymouth this season, scoring five goals and recording two assists.

One of the founding members of the Mark Molesley era, McCarthy had been used to training on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

However, to compete against full-time teams in the National League, current manager Brian Stock has introduced a Wednesday session to top up fitness.

Speaking to Echosport about the increased contact time, McCarthy said: “The workload’s gone up but it’s needed.

“In this league, if you’re not full-time you’ve got to be doing everything you can to try and bridge the gap.

“We’re getting there and we’ve just got to build on that.

“Adding that Wednesday, it gives a couple of lads that haven’t been in full-time football for a while, or at all (experience).

“It’s nice to train when it’s light rather just pitch black!”