I cannot believe the comments from Cllr Tarr (‘More cash could be squeezed out of drivers’)

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I live outside of Weymouth and have the option of visiting many towns and seaside resorts from my location.

Central Weymouth has just a few free parking spots for just an hour whilst most other parking is within the charges of other towns. However, the town is dying on its feet and shopping options are very much reduced due partly to Covid and the general swing to online shopping.

To have the attitude that ‘unnecessary car use’ should be stopped is wrong. Does he have another option to fill the coffers?

People like me will just go to alternative resorts if parking becomes an issue, because we cannot get to you without a car and we all know what happened to the park and ride.

All the major motor companies are spending fortunes on psuedo diesel and petrol alternative fuels along with hydrogen, so if electric was really the best option why would they be bothering?

Electric cars are too expensive for most.