This week my wife and I had our first non essential trip out.

We went to the top of the Abbotsbury Hill and had a great view of Portland which most people do not realise has more homes than Dorchester.

We are so lucky to live in Dorset and well understand why other people want to live here.

Sadly we have yet to explore the water meadows North of Dorchester although I suspect we have plenty of time as the citizens of Dorchester will be out with their banners and pitchforks preventing the influx of foreigners from joining their community.

After all there is still plenty of space elsewhere in Dorset as we have only built on less than 5% of Dorset.

Luckily this also means more jobs for the rest of us non Durnovarians, more income from selling our back gardens, more council tax collected, more shops and facilities.

While the ancient Britains of Wessex failed to stem the tide of Romans and Vikings and property developers like Thomas Hardy (who was allowed to build his house Max Gate on a green field site), I’m sure modern Dorchester with a petition of thousands and a champion Town Crier will see the Council & Planning Inspectorate off.