A THIEF stole 12 vehicle diagnostic scanners and a side of salmon and as part of a two-day £325 shoplifting spree at Aldi in Chickerell.

Weymouth Magistrates Court was told that on January 22, Darren Charles Reed entered Aldi at Link Park and stole two cameras, four fault code readers and a side of salmon.

The following day Reed, aged 54, entered the same store and stole eight fault code readers.

A fault code reader is a device used by mechanics to pinpoint and diagnose problems within a vehicle.

Reed, of St Thomas Street, Weymouth, pleaded guilty to two counts of theft from a shop on two separate occasions - with the total amount stolen put at £325.29.

Prosecuting, Richard Oakley said: "On January 22, he stole two cameras, four fault code readers and the side of salmon - he did not wear a mask while in the store to protect other customers.

"It is not clear whether he wore a mask after stealing the eight fault code readers from the same store the following day."

Mitigating, Ian Brazier told the court how Reed has a skin condition, which makes it difficult for him to walk, and asked the court to consider a lighter financial penalty.

He said: "He's on Universal Credit because he has cellulitis and needs to pay for taxis a lot of the time to get to places, which can be expensive."

Reed was ordered to pay back the £325.29 stolen in compensation, at a rate of £20 per month after the court issued a collection order.

He was also given a community order of 12 months and must attend 15 full-day sessions with a probation officer.