A YACHT with two people onboard ran aground in Poole Harbour, close to the entrance of the River Frome.

Poole RNLI lifeboat volunteers were called to assist by the coastguard.

They launched the D-class lifeboat and found the 17-ft yacht stranded, firmly stuck in the mud, 100-metres north of the river mouth, west of Gigger's Island.

An RNLI spokesman said: "The lifeboat crew checked that the occupants were okay.

"Conditions were cloudy, a slight north north west breeze, the sea state was smooth.

"The occupants were fine, but as they had been there some time, the decision was made to extract the people and take them to a safe haven, as the vessel was not going to refloat soon.

"The anchor was deployed to secure the vessel and the D-class took the tender under tow, and transferred the occupants, taking them back to Lake Yard."

The call came in just before 5pm on Sunday, May 2.