Residents are calling for action to fix a blocked drain on their street - which they say has been causing problems for more than 45 years.

An overflowing drain on Moorcombe Drive in Preston, Weymouth has been complained about many times over the years, but resident Mary Millard says that little has been done about it and the issue has only been getting worse.

Mrs Millard said the drain has been a problem since she and her husband moved into their home in 2008 - but that the issue had been going on for a lot longer than that.

She said: "As far back as 1975 people have been complaining about that drain.

"Neighbours have complained about that drain and so have we."

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Mary said that the council sent workers out to fix it last August but that it did not solve the issue.

She said: "The first time it rained it overflowed again, it is getting worse over the years. The council said they ran out of money to do anything about it again.

"That seems to be a poor excuse when we pay such a high council tax.

"It is not really good enough.

"We are trying to look out for our neighbours, it is horrible that we have to live with it."

Mrs Millard, 80, and her husband Reverend Malcolm Millard, 83, said that a lot of the people living around the drain on Moorcombe Drive are elderly and they worry about their wellbeing around the stagnant pool of water. The presence of stagnant or still water can be a breeding ground for bacteria and the water located on the road corner frequently freezes over in the winter.

She said: "I'm worried that something disastrous is going to happen before something is done about it."

Reverend Millard said: "People here are complaining about it constantly.

"It’s here all the time not just when it rains. When it rains it scarcely makes any difference."

A Dorset Council spokesperson said: “We’re aware of the drainage issue on Moorcombe Drive, which causes standing water after rainfall, and takes time to drain away.

“This site, along with others in the Weymouth area, are on our list for repair as funds become available.”