I think the Echo story is missing the point about the litter on the harbourside.

'Weymouth harbour covered in litter after bank holiday weekend'

Yes the litter and carnage is disgusting but personally, I believe it’s down to the council for not providing sufficient litter bins along the harbourside and emptying them regularly.

It only needs a few families with kids, having fish and chips, and putting their waste in one of the cast iron bins and it’s full.

How many people are trying to be responsible with their litter, wanting to throw it in a bin? However, the bins are overflowing and they’re few and far between.

The council could use the outrageous car parking charges to increase the number of litter bins along the harbourside and running emptying schedules as many times as day as required, especially during the summer months.

It’s about time the council was pro-active and put bottle and cans recycling stations along the harbour too, make some revenue from the waste.


Preston Road, Weymouth