RE: PLANNING application for a play area on the Great Field in Poundbury.

Examining the scores of responses to this proposal appears to show that some residents of the one street that roughly overlooks the area of the Great Field where the play area is to be sited have made a serious miscalculation.

Their clear, seemingly coordinated, policy of getting in early with a slew of articulate objections (as I count it, from no fewer than 9 of the possible 17 addresses) has prompted a tsunami of support for the application.

That support comes from all over Dorchester, not just from within the Poundbury ward, emphasising that Poundbury is only one part of Dorset’s county town, not some exclusive enclave on its outskirts.

It would appear that the mass of supporters are parents (mainly mothers, perhaps) of the youngsters the play area has been designed for.

Many of them will live in flats or small houses.

Many will only have access to small gardens, if lucky.

For the benefit of those interested the tally at time of writing is 22 objections together with 2 negative comments and a touch under 300 in favour.

My support moves it up to 297.


Reeve Street, Poundbury