BUSINESS owners have hit out at the 'disgusting' behaviour of some members of the public who have been urinating on Weymouth streets - as council bosses revealed the clean up operation that was needed after the Bank Holiday weekend.

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, huge crowds gathered on Weymouth Harbour to socialise resulting in piles of litter being left strewn along the streets.

Dorset council has told of the additional cleaning and disinfecting that needed to take place after people used a side street, namely Helen Lane, as a urinal.

A spokesman for Dorset Council said: "Following the bank holiday weekend, our crews have washed and disinfected the areas used as urinals and this is being monitored throughout the day by the resort cleansing team."

Café and pub owners on the quayside have slammed those who chose to use the road behind their establishments as a toilet.

Keith Rupp, owner of Custom House Café, said: "I've had to tell a few people off and ask them to move along when I've caught them weeing when I've gone to take the rubbish out.

"The council should keep the public toilets open later at the moment as they know that people will be gathering and, because of Covid rules, they can't go inside to use toilets in pubs and restaurants.

"I am hoping that once everything reopens that this terrible problem will go away."

Keith Treggiden, manager of The Anchor on Custom House Quay, has caught people urinating under Town Bridge and been forced to clean up after them. He said: "Our cellar is there so we have had to clean it up which is absolutely disgusting. People just don't seem to care."

Dorset Council has condemned the litter louts who left the quayside covered in rubbish over the bank holiday weekend. A spokesman said: "It is very disappointing that again, a small minority of people behave in this way. We have litter bin crews and seasonal street cleansing crews working from 6am until 7pm every day in Weymouth.

"We have put additional litter bins in the harbour area and we’re currently assessing whether there is space to safely to locate any more, however we still need people to put their rubbish in the bins provided for these to make a difference."