AN ‘in principle’ application for a revised scheme for seven flats on the site of a former bungalow in Preston Road, Weymouth has been granted.

It follows a long fight by neighbours to stop the development with objections also being lodged by Weymouth town council.

The bungalow on the site, number 56, was recently demolished.

The outline permission allows for scheme to progress although there will now be a further application with the full details , including landscaping.

Dorset Council say that the latest application for the site differs from a previous permission which was allowed on appeal, with the proposed block of flats, having been moved slightly towards the front of the site.

It says the design to the rear has also been changed, by removing projecting rear balconies, reducing overlooking of home to the rear and either side.

The appeal inspector had decided that the block would not affect the character of the area and would not appear cramped, nor overly prominent.

“The design and scale is suitable for the plot and street scene. There were no objections to replacement of the bungalow. The parking provision was satisfactory and there would be no increased flood risk or drainage issues,” said an appeal summary.

Seventeen objections had been received for the latest application – arguing that little had changed from the previous plans; that the local area did not need more flats with many currently unsold; that additional traffic could be dangerous and there will be a loss of light and privacy.

Said one resident in a letter of object to Dorset Council: “Estate agents and developers are calling all the shots. The larger homes are advertised as 'commercial opportunities' and are snapped up by developers secure in the knowledge that they will be able to build flats.”

Developers Nylo Homes say the new scheme had been reduced in scale to the front and rear with the roof line considerably lower – the re-design also increasing the distance of the rear of the building from 4 Furzy Close.

It claims that that the changes have met previous objections: “The comments from the respective officers, neighbours and Weymouth Town Council have been addressed, with the subsequent design changes resulting in a much improved scheme which will remain in keeping with the character and appearance of the Preston Road area,” said the company.