I would like to comment on some of the observations made in recent correspondence relating to the future development of Portland, specifically the idea that we need an ‘Eden Project.’

I cannot express in strong enough terms that an ‘Eden Project’ is the last thing Portland needs.

It would be a massive undertaking with a huge footprint that would simply dominate and overwhelm delicate historical, geological and environmental heritage and destroy it for ever.

Portland cannot be allowed to be treated as a resource for corporate environmental entrepreneurs.

There is a very delicate balance here between the industrial, archaeological environment, which has exposed the geology of one section of the Jurassic Coast, a World Heritage Site, but in which we see the emergence of a unique indigenous flora and fauna that enriches us in the way that an industrial sized greenhouse full of imported plants and virtual reality gadgets wouldn’t.

The point of Portland regeneration cannot be allowed to be about tourism, money and ‘flag ship’ projects because this will kill off what we have.

Portland regeneration must enhance and preserve the vital physical heritage that we have here. You don’t do that by slapping a huge tourist attraction on top of it and pretending it’s important and relevant by giving it an environmentally sympathetic label.


Greenhill, Weymouth