I so agree with Steve Elsworth that we need to be freed from Dorset Council.

Weymouth and Portland have nothing in common with east Dorset.

We live in one of the most deprived areas in the country (still paying one of the highest council taxes); there is high unemployment, low wages, social and financial deprivation, and we are not in the North!

This government will never do anything to improve our lives because it doesn’t need to - we are one of the safest Tory seats in the country!

Dorset Council is old-fashioned, highly resistant to current world concerns about climate change, thoroughly inward-looking and parochial.

It is so loyal to the Conservative government that it not only accepts without question the egregious prospect of urbanising Dorset’s countryside with thousands of unnecessary homes, it actually adds to their proposed total for Weymouth - as an overflow from east Dorset where they feel they haven’t enough space left!

As Steve Elsworth said, we have some brilliant councillors in Weymouth and Portland, but they are side-lined by the cabinet.

Yes, it really is time for change.


Fancy’s Close, Portland