Despite the world as we know it facing certain extinction if we don’t wake our ideas up, it’s ironic that Jeremy Corbyn who emphasised the need to renationalise our utilities and recover control of the power, gas and water industries that he was painted so badly

He’s beginning to look like a paragon of virtue beside our PM!

Selling them off was the worst thing we ever did since we have totally lost control of the very means to stop our path to destruction soon enough.

Everyone seems to agree that we need to generate as much renewable electricity as possible.

Unfortunately, the energy suppliers want to do this as profitably as possible which is a hindrance and puts a brake on progress. Greed will be our downfall.

Nuclear, wind and solar sources of energy produce clean energy costing about 5 pence per kWh taking account of infrastructure, running costs and financing.

From information I have sourced, its producers then sell this energy on to its distributors for about 10 pence per kWh who in turn supply us with it for about 16-18 pence per kWh, 3-4 times its base cost!

A solar panel house roof installation costs only about £5,000 which on average would produce 3,000 kWh per annum.

A house owner would consume roughly half of that amount saving him about £240 per annum.

If the government forced the energy companies to pay him a minimum of 10 pence per kWh for the remaining 1,500 kWh he would export each year, this would come to a further £150 per annum making a total return of £390 per annum.

He would recover his capital outlay in about 12 years and his panels would have required no maintenance and would have an expected life of 20-25 years.

This process would cut out a huge amount of grid infrastructure costs necessary to deal with offshore power generation and large solar farms. The beauty would be that power would be generated at its point of use and the public would also gain financially.


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