A CAR with bald tyres, no brake lights, no tax and no MOT is now safely off Dorset's roads according to police.

Traffic cops from the Dorset Police No Excuse Team seized the vehicle in Purbeck on Wednesday.

The driver was initially stopped for having no brake lights, and then found the tyres had very little tread.

Dorset Echo:

A spokesperson for the No Excuse team said: “A white Ford was stopped for having no brake lights. Turns out it had little tread on their tyres too, but that may have been picked up if they'd bothered to have it MOT'd when they were supposed to five months ago.

“Also turned out they hadn't paid their road tax since January 2020 either. Car seized for no tax and being in a dangerous condition. Driver reported.”

Officers also seized a blue Ford after discovering the driver was disqualified. He was on his way to collect his children from school.