Reading Eddie Hawkins’ most interesting letter ‘Secrets of Tunnels’ on Saturday, 15th May brought back long lost memories of my grandmother, Charlotte Frampton.

Read the letter 'Let's investigate ancient ruins at former council site' here.

In her early married years, at the turn of the last century, my grandparents lived along Trinity Street, Weymouth.

Although leaving Weymouth at the beginning of the Second World War with their children to North West London, us grandchildren were always told tales about the ‘tunnel’.

The ‘tunnel’ that led from her house was always spoken about more of a ‘punishment’. “If you were naughty children you would have been put down into the tunnel, ” she would say to us misbehaving grandchildren.

I’m in my 70s now and not until I read Eddie’s article did I actually believe her story had any substance.

I have lived in Weymouth all my adult life and had not given the ‘tunnel’ a second thought, until now.

Thank you Eddie for such an interesting piece and returning my memory back to the 50s.

Hopefully the ‘tunnels’ will be investigated to bring forth more of Weymouth’s fascinating history. I shall look forward to learning more.


Rylands Lane, Weymouth