A DORCHESTER farm went above and beyond to search for a pair of extraordinarily big wellies for one of their new employees.

Drew Milne, 29, stands at an incredible 6ft 11, much taller than his fellow colleagues on the Waddock Cross watercress farm - but it was only his huge size 18 feet which caused any issue as the farm quickly realised they would need to find the worker a pair of wellies.

Work on the farm entails walking through the water that gushes through the purpose built watercress beds and all employees are issued with a pair of boots when they start.

However when it came to fitting out Drew, finding a pair of wellies to fit him proved to be no mean feat. The Watercress Company approached their regular welly suppliers, but none stocked Drew's size, so the farmers put out a call for help.

Luckily their pleas were answered by an American company based in Georgia called 2bigfeet.com.

Unfortunately, the company was unable to ship the large boots directly to the UK - meaning they had to go on quite the journey just to get to Drew.

The pair of size 18 wellington boots racked up an estimated 5,327 air miles to keep the farm's newest recruit’s feet dry.

Drew and The Watercress Company management followed the course of the boots as they flew across America from La Grange to Atlanta, Louisville to Philadelphia, across the Atlantic to Paris France, followed by a short tour of Europe visiting Cologne and Barcelona before finally landing in Jerez Andalucia where The Watercress Company owns some Spanish watercress farms.

From there the wellingtons made the final leg of the journey to Dorset, England.

Mr Milne said: “I can’t quite believe that so much effort had to be made just for me to have some wellies to wear! But I’m pleased to say they’re very comfortable and are certainly a talking point; my more diminutive friends seem fascinated by them!”