Planning is in the headlines a lot at the moment ‘Proposed planning laws ‘highly damaging’ to Dorset, say countryside campaigners’, Dorset Echo), but nothing has changed yet and we don’t know when the new system will be introduced.

Until then, we will continue preparing the Dorset Council Local Plan, under the current rules.

Read the article 'Proposed planning laws 'highly damaging to Dorset' here

Dorset Council responded to the Government’s consultation on the proposed planning changes, and will respond to any further consultations, to make sure that the interests of Dorset are put forward.

If and when the new approach comes into force, we will prepare a new style of plan. It is important to be aware that the proposed zoning of land will be done through a Local Plan and that people will be able to input into that process.


Portfolio Holder for Planning, Dorset Council