I spoke in the House of Commons last week about how the Government has listened to my campaign to end live exports for farm animals.

Sending livestock on cramped lorries and boats for fattening and slaughter many miles away is unnecessary and cruel, and I believe that compassionate and decent farmers will be as eager as I am to stop this.

This campaign follows the passing of the Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Act, and the new Action Plan will deliver the most comprehensive overhaul of animal welfare introduced by any Government. Animal sentience will be given legal recognition, which I hope will lead to a clampdown on non-stun slaughter. I will continue pushing as part of my animal welfare campaign.

I also praised in the House of Commons the fantastic work carried out continually by Kingston Maurward College in empowering our young people to forge fulfilling careers within their own communities here in Dorset.

My campaign to improve the roads across West Dorset, particularly along the A35 continues. As a busy summer season approaches, I want to make sure our roads are as safe and as efficient as possible for both Dorset residents and the many visitors we will be welcoming over the next few months.

The Online Safety Bill was also introduced last week. This ground-breaking and world leading piece of legislation will usher in a new age of accountability for big tech companies. For too long now, big tech and social media platforms have operated in the modern equivalent of the Wild West, with barely any accountability for their actions. I will fully support this Bill and any measures to protect democracy, children and the most vulnerable from the many deplorable trends and crimes that have emerged from the digital age.