I sympathise with those who have been frightened by cattle and have had subsequent injuries.

I would like to address the possible reason people become afraid and let me give some reassurance.

The Echo article (May 18) gives a totally disproportionate account of cows/cattle behaviour.

Read 'Woman trampled by cows in Dorset field' here

Cattle are not predatory, given that they are vegetarian, they have little interest in attacking humans.

The circumstances whereby they run as a herd, their given biological disposition, when they are frightened or curious.

Equally, as with the herd instinct, if you run, they will imitate and run towards you or with you.

Dogs are a curiosity to them, again cows become unsettled at sudden or unpredictable movements.

Dogs should always be on a lead.

Cows will only get aggressive if they have a calf with them, the natural mother instinct.

Bulls can be dangerous, follow the signs from the farmers.

We are so lucky to live in an environment where the farmers allow such excellent access to this beautiful countryside, to walk on and enjoy.

If cattle are in a field, walk at a steady to slow pace, don’t run, if they come too close to you, gently lift your arms, this motion will dissuade them from coming closer.

It will feel unnerving, if you are not familiar to them.

I feel really concerned for anyone who has been frightened and sustained injuries.

I do hope they can find the courage to return to the fields of cattle in our area.