The ‘smell’ emanating from Westminster ‘sleaze’ is nauseating.

It surpasses the ‘expenses scandal’.

But, it was we who elected the Tories via FPTP, the worst electoral system in the world.

We knew already that personal wealth, networking, cronyism and the abuse of power would take first priority.

We knowingly ‘let a wolf into the sheep pen’. Only Proportional Representation locally and nationally will bring political authenticity. We may not get another opportunity to make our votes count.

The phoney ‘Utopia’ promised by Brexiteers is already turning into a ‘Dystopia’ featuring Boris in the lead part, ‘Windrush’,’ Grenfell, reduced overseas aid, a shamefully inadequate 1% rise for the NHS staff who risked their lives to save ours, huge rises for corporate heads, businesses with £billions of turnover paying very little corporation tax, zero hours contracts and tax havens all over the planet to hide £billionaires’ cash. The £37 billion paid to produce a ‘track and trace’ scheme with numerous faults.

FPTP totalitarianism also dominates Dorset Council’s approach to life. Its councillors preach about ‘inclusive consultation’ with the public but actually behave in the same autocratic manner that brought us onto the streets years ago with the hugely wasteful ‘Titanic’ monstrosity.

At no surprise to Dorchester’s residents, it’s now empty and ‘gathering dust’.

Dorset Council is now apparently congratulating itself on their climate change programme.

After over 18 months of ‘public consultation’ on a website that would confuse Bill Gates, it has not accomplished a fraction of what will be needed to save us from extinction.

Mind you, DC did endorse the installation of a biomass boiler in the middle of Dorchester.

Instead of spending about half a £million on this counterproductive jaunt, they could have used the subsidy to install a new gas boiler at less than half its cost. The saving could have been used to promote really renewable energy from domestic solar panels.

If DC can claim that their efforts to combat global warming are the envy of other councils, the end of the world is approaching faster than I thought!


Garfield Avenue, Dorchester