RE: Wesley Street flowers. This is the best street in Weymouth - possibly in the whole of Dorset.

Whenever I’m in the vicinity, I walk through Wesley Street just to savour the sense of well-being it gives. It is beautiful, fragrant and welcoming.

Anyone who dislikes it must have something wrong with them. Drivers who drive down it should be prosecuted and educated. The householders there should receive an award not a threat!

Does Dorset Council hate Weymouth?

There are so many ugly and unsavoury sights in towns now - great expanses of nothing but traffic - parked and moving - huge and sordid-looking A-boards in high streets, boarded-up commercial premises with homeless people outside them, sitting on the pavement - what a sad, ugly and depressing environment!

A group of people creating something beautiful (and at no cost to anyone) should be celebrated.


Fancy’s Close, Portland