We asked readers to get in touch with us with their memories of appearing in the Dorset Echo.

Here's what they came back to us with.

Derek Smithson of Chickerell was in the Dorset Echo when Chickerell became a town council in May or June 2001.

He remembers: "I was the last chairman of Chickerell parish council and the first mayor of the town council. The Dorset Echo covered the story, with a photo of me and the then town clerk, Jim Prowse.

"I also worked for the Dorset Evening Echo for nearly six years, as an apprentice compositor/linotype operator, between 1968 and 1974."

Stuart Morris, of Portland, has appeared in the Echo many times for his particular knowledge of the history of the area.

But one particularly memorable time for him was when he was a Dorset County Councillor.

Dorset Echo:

He said: "It was May 1981, exactly 40 years ago. I was pressing for cash for the major Flood Alleviation scheme at Chesil, Portland. I was just doing my duty with my Dorset County Councillor hat on."

Another reader, Alvin Hopper remembers appearing in the Dorset Echo.

He made the front page in the year 2000.

Alvin recalls: "It was a photograph of myself,and Gordon Lake, at the Anzac graves in Melcombe Regis cemetery.

"We were promoting the campaign to raise money for the Anzac memorial. It now stands

on Weymouth Promenade, after five years' effort, we succeeded.

"By we, I do not mean just the two of us! It was a team effort, by the then, Weymouth & Portland Residents Association. Our chairman was councillor,and later alderman Leslie Ames who was twice Mayor of the old Borough of Weymouth & Portland, now also gone."

Dorset Echo:

Alvin also appeared in the Echo on June 23 2014 for the first bell ceremony at the Royal Oak on Weymouth Quay.

And thanks to Brian Edwards of Weymouth for getting in touch to let us know that he still has a mug issued by the Dorset Echo for our 60th birthday in 1981.

Brian, 85, inherited the mug from his mother. The mug commemorates some of the paper's headlines and mastheads over the years.

Dorset Echo:

Brian has made regular appearances in the Dorset Echo over the years for the milestone wedding anniversaries he has celebrated with his wife.

He says: "I read the Dorset Echo every day and we're always drinking tea out of the mug. I've been all over the world and there's no place like Weymouth for me."