I would like to express my concern regarding the continued lack of respect for adhering to the rules on social distancing in Weymouth and Portland.

I’m aware that it’s not just here though, but since I don’t live anywhere else, I have to start somewhere.

Having just enjoyed the warmest weekend for many a month, I was saddened to see so many people outside pubs, bars and restaurants huddled around each other, as if the pandemic were a thing of legend.

I am in my 60s, and there are many more in my age range, who think that now they’ve had the jab, they don’t need to keep their distance when out in public.


You still need to keep your distance from those you don’t live with.

You’re not immune to the virus and you can still most certainly transmit the virus whilst not even knowing you have it.

Yes, enjoying the company of others in the open air does pose less of a risk, but the risk is not completely eliminated.

The other thing that irritates me, is the people who wear fluorescent jackets and have the local authority’s branding on the back, with the words ‘Safety Marshal’ or ‘Covid Marshal’ printed on them.

Some of these people haven’t heard of standing more than an arm’s length apart either, so how on earth do they expect others to follow the rules?

Please people, when will you learn? Follow the rules and we’ll get out of this quicker.

Don’t follow them, and look forward to further enforcements and potential lockdowns.

The choice, as always, is yours.

We’ve been given opportunities to make informed choices, but when we can’t do as we’re asked, the choices are made for us, then everyone complains.

When will people learn, apart from the tenth of never?

Rant over.