In light of the recent tragedies on our roads, I wonder if it would be a good idea to have some sort of information exchange between urban and rural communities about the hazards of rural roads during busy periods.

While agriculture is at full stretch to get the work done in a difficult year, the once quiet roads are packed with vehicles possibly driven by drivers who are not familiar with them or farming practices.

This is not about blame, but rather a plea for a better understanding of the difficulties for both visitors and the local workforce.

While the local economy needs the tourists, the injuries and deaths over this very busy weekend are a tragedy that we all would wish had not happened.

After a very difficult year it is not surprising that people want to get out and see the Dorset countryside but the spate of accidents is a high price to pay by those bereaved and involved.

I just wonder if a better understanding of what driving in a rural working environment means would help to avoid some of these tragedies for both the visitor and the local population.


West Knighton