TWO REPORTS on how Dorset Council will tackle the Climate and Ecological Emergency have been published, as figures show nearly 1,400 Weymouth homes will be at 'very significant' risk of flooding by 2120.

Newly published papers focusing on the council's approach to flood defence work and the management of trees, demonstrate how councillors and officers look to protect the environment, people and property over the next 20 years and beyond.

Weymouth town centre and parts of the surrounding area are at risk of flooding and coastal erosion and, due to climate change, problems will increase. Currently, 985 households are at 'intermediate' risk of flooding, which will rise to 1,369 at 'very significant' risk of flooding by 2120.

The Weymouth Harbour and Esplanade Flood and Coastal Risk Management Strategic Outline Case (SOC) details a £115m plan of wall replacement and wall raising around the harbour and Esplanade frontages.

The council is also altering the way it manages trees and will change its current policy of replacing every felled tree with one new one so that for every tree felled, at least two new ones will be planted.

Councillor Ray Bryan, Dorset Councils portfolio holder for highways, travel and environment, said: "These are both good examples of how we're approaching the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) in Dorset.

"Whether it's a relatively simple but important change to our tree policy or something as big and ambitious as our Weymouth flood strategy, we are making sure Dorset Council plays its part to protect our residents from the consequences of climate change, as well as help prevent making the emergency worse.

"With our CEE strategy approved by cabinet and set to be presented to full council in July, these kinds of measures and projects will only become more commonplace as we embed the strategy at the heart of all our decision making and work with out communities and organisations to reduce our carbon footprint.

"I want to thank all the officers and councillors involved in this vital work and I'm excited to see how our residents will embrace the other changes and works we'll be announcing over the coming months and years as we work together to make Dorset the greenest county in England."