I would just like to put forward some suggestions which would ease some of the traffic which is causing the traffic to back up from Portland Road Foords corner roundabout all the way to Portland Heights and down past the Esso petrol station.

Oone of the main causes is since the newly-built Tesco and Subway stores arrived - you are now allowing people to make right turns in the shop car park which was never allowed with the previous petrol station.

You had to go up around the round about and back down.

There are multiple causes for the long tailbacks of traffic and it all stems from the amount of pedestrian crossings which are all along Portland road in Wyke.

These are all in a 30 mph zone and could be replaced with a zebra crossing which would stop the long waiting times for small amount of pedestrians crossing and a zebra crossing would be far more suitable and just as safe.

Another factor is the fourway traffic lights by Dowsett’s garage. I’m not sure if the timings have been changed but they are not set up to favour the high flow of traffic from Portland to Weymouth.

A simple fix for this would be to remove the light and have the two adjoining roads to Portland Road be a junction as there is very little flow of traffic out of them but there are huge delays for one or two cars to pull out and most of the time they are using it as a rat run.

They are the only housing estate road to have their own set of traffic light on to the main road.

The only traffic lights I would keep are the one on Portland Beach Road by the Ferrybridge pub as this is a high-speed area and critical to have visual traffic lights.

All others could safely be replaced with zebra crossings as of the slow movement of traffic especially in peak times would not make them a danger. And it would help the flow of traffic through Portland road.

If you have ever been stuck in the traffic in peak rush out time off Portland you will see the queue starting as far back as Portland Heights some days and soon as you have cleared the last set of traffic lights by Tesco there will be no traffic at all.

It is all caused by the numerous crossings causing a bottleneck effect and it is impossible to drive through without catching one red light.

I have lived on Portland for 30 years and have gradually seen the traffic get worse every year and having to travel through Wyke at least twice a day and the tailbacks currently are up to four miles long in peak times.

I feel my experience and the keys points would significantly help the flow of traffic in my experience. It would be nice to see some sort of experiment taking place to try different solutions.