Again I am writing to my local paper. And again, it’s about THAT roundabout.

Wildflowers? No. Surely not.

They are wonderfully welcome in so many different places, but not on a roundabout.

Shame on Dorset Council that they can’t come up with something a little more thoughtful than that.

As for saying that anything – as suggested by Bridport Town Council, aesthetically pleasing – might be a possible distraction to motorists, let me say that a cheap, quick fix of a few packets of seeds will surely fill motorists with surprise and disappointment.

I can only hope that next year, when the roundabout reverts to the responsibility of Highways England, that perhaps something more in keeping will emerge.

Bridport, and that crucial location, deserves more of an effort. Something eye-catching in the shape of structure, form, colour, whatever. Wildflowers here? No. A total waste of their impact.